Dust Control


The HSE amongst other things are focusing more on dust control.

If you create dust during a procees for example from drilling or cutting concrete. It will be expected to be controlled and not just by wearing a mask.

water suppresion or vacumming away is required we cover controls during our abravsive wheels training

and offer fit testing of respirators or dispoable masks



HSE site visits during October 14 resulted in  40% of construction sites failed health and safety spot-checks


Poor standards/dangerous practices at 40% of sites visited (691 of 1748)
On 360 (one in five) sites, practices so poor that enforcement action needed.
313 prohibition notices issued
235 improvement notices issued
The most common issues identified related to work at height and falls (42%), failure to control dust (12%), insufficient welfare (12%) and asbestos (10%).
In total 35% of notices were served for health issues (asbestos, dust, noise, vibration, welfare, manual handling). 


Risk Assessments and Training is the Answer



Abrasive wheels


This course is suitable for all operators, managers and supervisors who, as part of their working duties select, mount, specify or use abrasive wheels as defined in PUWER Regulations 1998.




 Courses and Services

The aim of the course is to enable delegates to work safely, to provide awareness of the dangers and hazards of abrasive wheels, and to offer practical steps to reduce workplace accidents and encourage workers to adopt a culture that results in a safer workplace.




Working at Height and Ladder Safety


CWE Training use only ladder association trained personell


This course is aimed at anyone in a trade or industry who has to work at height and the selection of the appropriate piece of access and work equipment. It looks in depth at ladder selection and safety and shows why ladders may not always be appropriate but when they are how to use themsafely.






The Ladder Association is the voice of the industry and its message is clear and precisely the same as the HSE….. Ladders are not banned in the workplace, so if it's right to use a ladder, use the right ladder and use it safely.