Fitting of Respiratory Proctecive Equipment

The HSE are expecting any employer that employees creates hazardous dust during work a process to have suitable control measures in place such as extraction or damping down and have fitted FFP3 FILTERING RPE


This includes Asbestos and now Concrete , some hard woods and other products  are considered as hazardous dust and must be controlled for further information call 0845 8387107 or download HSG53 fourth edition 2013 from the HSE website


We can offer face fit testing at your site or premises email for a quote


Face Fit Testing can also be used to ensure that an individual knows how to properly put on and wear the respirator.

If a fit test is not performed, then an unsatisfactory seal/barrier may excessive leakage of airborne contaminants into the wearer's breathing zone, even though the user is wearing a respirator correctly selected for the application.


What is Qualitative Face Fit Testing?


Face Fit Testing is method used for checking that a tight fitting facepiece matches the persons facial features and seals adequately to the wearers face. It also helps to ensure that poorly fitting facepieces are not selected for use. An inadequate fit will significantly reduce the protection provided to the wearer.


The HSE strongly recommend that fit testing is included as an integral part of any Respiratory Protective Equipment program


The tight fitting facepieces we fit are:


Filtering facepieces (disposables)

Half Masks (re-usables)